2012: Amani awarded the Thora Halstead Young Investigator Award for her work on a precursor to nSWX tech, fast-tracking it from TRL 4 (lab) to TRL 7 (zero-G parabolic flight validation) by overcoming previously intractable challenges in record time.

2014: SporeSat launch, with Dr Amani Salim as Principal Investigator (project lead), pioneering space biosensors with nanotech on SpaceX CRS-3. Measuring ion channel activity in microgravity for plant spores, supporting long term astrobiology for Mars exploration.

Mobile Self-Powered Sensors for Potable Water Distribution funded and deployed by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

From space to ground: Earlier biosensor deployed to support NGO disaster response, detecting waterborne pathogens in situ, in real time, in flood-stricken areas in Kelantan.



2019: Prototyped and published results for saliva-based glucose sensor for low-cost, non-invasive diabetes monitoring.

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