nanoSkunkWorkX (nSWX) is a hard science + deep technology Moonshot Factory. We absorb graphene from upstream decarbonisation processes to engineer and implement powerful, scalable, and cost-competitive devices that redefine product categories in biosensors and diagnostics, energy storage, semiconductors, and others. We invented a sustainable, low energy, low footprint, in-line electrochemical process to enable quick, scalable, and infra-light deployment to enable radical enhancements to the price-performance ratios of multiple product classes that address humanity’s greatest challenges and needs.



Iqbal Shamsul, CEO

An MIT Computer Science graduate, with a robust background in trading, risk management, and capital markets at Morgan Stanley Commodities.

Excels in identifying unconventional solutions where others see status quo, leveraging his expertise in technology, economics, and management.

His unique ability to observe and synthesise drives his steadfast dedication to progress and innovation.



Amani Salim, CTO

A seasoned engineer, researcher, and project manager with expertise in nanotechnology, biomedical, electrical, and materials engineering.

She was the first non-American Muslim PI for a NASA project, an honour earned post-PhD at Purdue. An award-winning innovator, Amani has worked on mission-critical projects under prestigious organisations like NASA, EPA, NSF, and NIH.

She’s currently channelling her talent into entrepreneurship, driving impactful innovation in Malaysia with global ambitions.

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