Large-scale graphene + nanomaterial composites with tunable characteristics for next-gen energy storage and power generation & transmission.


High-performance nSD-enhanced batteries

ZERO cobalt / nickel prototype, but nSD will greatly improve conventional Li ones too

Low-risk / high-reward axes of innovation from nSD:

  • electron/ion mediation: quantum leap vs activated graphite for power + energy density, thermal + electrical performance
  • nanostructuring: enhance energy+power density
  • form factor: very thin film deposition, increase layering
  • thermal management: improved thermals via graphene

nSD-enabled quantum leaps (as of 1st June 2023):

  • at least 5x energy density vs benchmark Li-ion
  • 1.67x energy density gain vs non-nSD graphene batteries
  • at least 3,000x cycles w/out loss of capacity, at least 6x longer than Li-Ion

Other benchmarks on-going (life cycles, power density, thermal runaways, etc)

** Figures describe ongoing RnD; design, form factors and performance benchmarks not final